Acid Wash Jeans

Acid Wash Jeans for Men

Jeans or Denims are now one of the important need for men, you will find few pairs of denims in every person’s wardrobe now days. Because these give two important things which a man need, one is comfort and the other one is looks or you may say style. On the other hand, denims are easy to carry and by the time these look even better when these get old. Other advantage of carrying jean, that these are like dirt-proof, I mean even after getting some dirt on it, jeans looks even more sexy.

As the time has changed with that the varieties of jeans or denims have changed as well. For example- when you see these during 90’s they were like broad and stiff. But now in the market you may find all the different varieties available. As for example, Cloud washed , ripped or distressed denims, acid wash ripped, even joggers jeans are available now and much more. So, let’s start with acid washed denims. All the stylish kind jeans are explained Here.

Acid wash denims are also popular as Cloud Wash Jeans or Denims. Mainly gives a funky look or you may say cool dude look. Such Jeans are washed with acid bleach of good quality and provides spotty look all over the jean. Something like as you can see in the images below. Which is kind of cool and very much trendy now days.

The faded spots all over looks very fashionable or you may say unique. Stone or Cloud washed denims comes in all waste types like Ultra low and Low wasted, High wasted acid wash Jeans or High wasted acid washed Ripped Jeans and even comes in regular type and narrow or skinny type etc. as well.  Also come with different pocket shapes whether its cross-pocket jeans or straight pocket types. There are acid washed joggers denims or Mens acid wash skinny jeans available and all the several varieties you can find in the market which are trending worldwide for men.

How to look stylish in Acid washed Jeans guys

A guy can wear different types of cloud washed denims in different fashionable manners. As for example, acid wash skinny-denim  can be paired with a full-sleeve round shaped text printed T-shirt with a cotton Muffler around the neck and a pair of boot up to ankles and add a sun-glass according to your face-type. These will definitely make you trendy and stylish man.

As for the other example, a slim body-type guy can wear a ripped or distressed black acid wash jeans, can be paired with a white T-shirt with black text or quotes print over it. Also can put a dark-grey jacket and a sun-glass accordingly. These are some style statement for men to look stylish and fashionable.

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How to make Acid wash Jeans-at Home

Making such types of denims at home is not that difficult process in-fact you can make them easily at your home. When you decide to make acid wash jeans for yourself at home for the first time make sure to try it on your older ones. Which you generally don’t wear, you don’t want to use it on your new jean if this is your first time.

First of all, ingredients for making acid wash jeans are easily available in the market or you may also find them near to your cloth-washing area. All we need is a bucket filled with water less than half bucket water, an a bottle of bleach or strong liquid bleach, some rubber strings and surely Jeans which we have to give acid washed look.

Step 1: Mix few amount of bleach about to or little more but not very much in a bucket filled with water less than half bucket.

Step 2: Fold your jeans from several places like you crush a paper to throw them inside a dustbin. Now tie the folded area with some rubber strings and let it drown or submerged in the bucked mixed with bleach for one to three hours. But check the jeans after every half an hour so that you may get the acid washed spots according to your wish. Lesser the time the acid wash spots on jeans appear light and more time will make them darker.

Final Step: After few hours take your jeans out remove the rubber strings and wash the whole bleach from all over your denim under the tap. Then let the jeans dry and that’s it! here you go an acid wash jean is available for you.

Note: You can also use the spray bottle instead of bucket to spray the bleach on the jeans to get some faded spot particular areas according to you. If you need something like small spots like bubbles look all over or on some particular areas. Just spray the bleach mixed with water on those area and leave them for few hours to get the spots. To find some vertical washed look spray the liquid on a stone which you can easily hold in your hands and rub from up to down few times. After few hours you will get some vertical washed look on your Denims.

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Steps to make Acid wash Jeans – Video tutorial