Mens Joggers Jeans


As we know Evolution is the part of life, everything gets evolved by the time, even fashion. When it comes to the evolution of jeans, there are lots of latest varieties available as a result, and among those varieties, this one type is trending and is much popular among women and men. As we have talked about some men related fashion tips in our how to look stylish men section, and discussed the different varieties of denims which you can access from home page, now we are going to talk about one of the stylish men related jean type, so here is the one.

Joggers Jeans for guys

These are the one of the popular type of denims available and trending worldwide among men. Joggers jeans have become style statement now. As the name says that it is for joggers or to do jogging or some exercise stuff etc. but these jogger denims look much cooler, so that now it has become one of the stylish fashion-wear, and you wear them easily while you are not doing exercises or jogging, In-short their name is joggers but now these are sexy and stylish fashion-wear denims for men.

Joggers Jeans comes in lots of varieties some are, skinny types, fluffy or printed text or design printed like stars or football etc. distressed joggers denims are very popular now days and comes in all different style type, like: ripped ones, acid washed jogger jean, acid washed ripped jogger jean and more.

Joggers denims comes in all waste types for men as well, like Ultra low and Low wasted denims, High wasted joggers denims and comes in all types of fittings whether its regular, narrow and skinny types. Also are of different pocket shapes as well whether its cross-pocket or straight pocket types, or big pocket near to the side of knee areas at both side and much more varieties of these can be easily find in the market near you and online as well.

How to look stylish in Joggers Jeans

Guys can wear these denims in different fashionable manners. If someone with good height and athlete body-type, he can wear a dark grey or light black regular-fit joggers jean and can pair it with a white half-sleeved t-shirt and to make it more stylish wear a blue denim jacket add a pair of loafers or shoes in which your ankles get revealed and wear a sun-glass if it’s not evening or night. By wearing joggers in such manner will give you a classy plus stylish look.

Another cool tip to style: If a guy having a thin body and fair complexion, he can put a low waste little bit fluffy blue joggers jeans and pair it with a dark-black half-sleeve loose t-shirt. T-shirt should be loose but not too much loose, loose like hip-hoppers use to wear and wear a pair of canvas-shoes. Such a stylish look. To complement such look a guy can put a hip-hoppers type cap on the head.

Joggers Pants provide cool dude look and one major advantage of these denims are that due to its unique design these fits comfortably and guy wearing these feels comfortable.

How to make Joggers Jeans- at Home

Making Jogger’s jean at home is not that difficult, it will take some effort but can easily be made at home. We use to say this again and again and mentioning it here as well that If it’s your first time, try on the older pants you have in your wardrobe, after getting well-rehearsed in it you can try on new ones. First of all, things you need a sewing machine, cutter or scissors, elastic tape of 1 inch in width but make sure to use these carefully and a pen. That’s it, now let’s make some of these.

Step 1: Cut the jean from below about 4 inches or you may cut according to your choice just leave 1 inch extra so that when the elastic tape is attached it will get hidden or wrapped into that.

Step 2: Mark the straight horizontal lines at the below area from where you want to make joggers cuff and turn the denim inside out.

Step 3: Wrap the elastic around your ankle and make sure it’s not that tight and cut the pair of elastics for both legs, after that put the elastic to the extra inch you have left at cuff area.

Step 4: Now make the cuff are adjusted to the complete size of elastic to get rough elastic look to the cuff and sew it with sewing machine. There you go, you have your stylish Joggers jeans.

Note: For making the above steps easy to understand following is the YouTube video, and for making some more stylish kind of these denims you can combine the above steps with the steps mentioned in how to make acid washed and ripped jeans sections.

Steps to make Joggers Jeans- video tutorial

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