Mens Ripped Jeans

Ripped Jeans for Men

As we have discussed earlier Why and How Denims are important and one of the essential outfit for Men now, you can read about these at  acid wash jeans section. Here is another variety of Jeans which are very much popular since a decade, which is one of the trendiest, stylish and sexy denims available whether it’s for men or women, Its “Ripped-Jeans“.

These are popular as the name of Distressed or some says Accidental Jeans. Such types have become style statement, from movie stars to normal dude on the street can be seen wearing these types of denims. Accidental ones for men sometimes work like magnet, these attract the attention towards them, like: if you wear one as in image below in which a guy holding a bear can in his hand and go among the girls, definitely you will get the second look by them, it makes you look sexy and stylish for sure. These destroyed jeans now days, have become high standard outfits, as mentioned above from movie stars to millionaires can be seen wearing these.

Distressed Jeans comes in lots of varieties some are, scratched, patched, text printed or design printed like skulls etc. star prints on thigh area are very much in demand now days, some are joggers distressed and extra ripped from the knee and many more… Accidental denims comes in all waste types as well, like Ultra low and Low wasted denims, Elastic wasted Ripped Joggers, High wasted Ripped Jeans or High wasted acid washed Ripped Jeans and even comes in regular, narrow and skinny-jeans types. Also are of different pocket shapes whether its cross-pocket distressed denims or straight pocket types, and much more varieties of these can be easily find in the market near you and online as well.

How to look stylish in Ripped Jeans

Guys can wear these shredded denims in different fashionable manners. Take this image here at left as example, wear a knee ripped and thigh shredded blue jeans as above in image, make some thin folds from below up-to ankles and pair it with a half-sleeve white T-shirt with few black prints on front with a sun-glass, can also put a zebra striped cotton muffler around the neck. As for another example: wear a light scratched black skinny denim and pair it with a full-sleeve white t-shirt with largely printed at front with v-shaped collar, a sun-glass which suits your face, Purely style statement for men to look stylish and fashionable.

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How to make Ripped Jeans for men – at Home

Making distressed jean at home is not that difficult, in-fact you can make them easily at your home. If it’s your first time, try on the older ones you have in your wardrobe, after getting expert in it you can use new ones. First of all, you need a cutter or scissors but make sure to use these carefully and a pen. That’s it, now let’s make some distressed denims.

Step 1: Wear the Jean which you are going to make, and mark the areas with pen you want to make shredded, for example if it’s around knee and you want just a horizontal cut around your knee section at your jean then draw a line accordingly.

Step 2: Cut the lines or areas you have drawn on your denim with scissors or cutter and make sure to use these sharp things carefully. Be creative at this step you can also cut your denim according to your creativity.

Step 3: After making the cuts rub the borders of the cut areas, so that little bit of threads come out by which denim will look naturally distressed. You can rub the pockets borders as well which will perfectly go with the look of denim.

Step 4: Put your Jean in washing machine and wash it two times, for example wash dry and wash it again and dry it again, and your Ripped Jeans is ready.

Note: For making Acid wash ripped denims, use the above steps to make it distressed and follow the steps mentioned in acid wash jeans section, first make your jean distressed or destroyed according to you with the help of above mentioned steps, then make them acid washed, so that the denim will look well ripped and acid washed.

Steps to make Ripped Jeans- video tutorial

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