Mistakes Men do

Fashion mistakes men make

As the image above says “mistakes are opportunities to learn” and definitely sometimes a mistake leads you to a better opportunity to learn. As for example a guy wears a tie over a half sleeve T-shirts paired with a skinny jeans and when he walks through the streets, everyone laughs. Wherever he goes everyone make fun of him and then he realizes the fashion he is wearing is completely out of trend or not even related to the fashion. Then he will check for the proper outfits that makes him not a funny object and more importantly a trendy and stylish person.

After being trendy and wearing proper fashion a person becomes much attractive, respectable and impressive in the eyes of world.

One of the common mistake men do is copying another guy who is completely different with them as in body shape, complexion, height etc. Don’t just go and copy anyone, you can follow a person’s look or style but first you have to look for some common things. For example: the person’s style you want to follow, his body type is similar to you or not and his complexion or height is similar to you or not. You have to look for these things among you and the person’s style you want to follow.

If you want to follow other man’s look or style he wears then always follow the person at-least who has a body-shape like you. If the complexion and height is also similar to you that’s even better, if he is movie star or some other celebrity. On the other hand, we suggest you to create your own style.

Other mistake some men do, they just go and wear anything without thinking that if this is complimenting my looks or not. For being stylish, follow the fashion or style which compliments your looks. For example: if a man with thin body and less fair complexion carry a deep orange body fit shirt with a skinny jeans and he has copied the look after watching a fair, tall and muscular guy who lives behind him, this will make the less fair guy nothing but a fun object. Because he is not carrying the fashion which compliments his body-type, complexion, his looks or the fashion which compliments him.

Always wear the fashion which is trendy and more importantly complement your Looks.

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